• Smoothie Bowls
  • El Salvador
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Packaging

Be the color to someone’s gray.

Introducing Gaby, a young entrepreneur who delved into the world of smoothie bowls in 2020 as a response to the challenges of the pandemic. Her belief? You can nurture yourself while spreading goodwill to others! Gaby’s unique purpose is to source all the vibrant fruits for her Rainbowls from small, independent, and dedicated fruit vendors. This is the inspirational story that has fueled our brand identity design: a mission to infuse color into the lives of those who need it most during challenging times.
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del Cid

She’s a passionate creative strategist who’s all about the power of ideas to shake things up and make a real difference in the world! With over 25 years of experience as Creative Director in global advertising networks, she’s now on a mission to help businesses of all shapes and sizes transform into meaningful and successful brands that truly matter.


He’s an Art Director, a creative strategist, a brand purpose keeper, and a top notch web designer all rolled into one. Christian is all about creating brand concepts and building efficient design systems for brands that are out there making a real positive difference in the world!

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